Beer Songs For The Lonely

Beer Songs is an intoxicated ramble of the Parisian streets. It is un-apologetic, surrealistic, funny, sometimes sloppy, and always full of life. It is a cry of loneliness and a cry of passion. It is a collection of poems or “songs” meant to be read out-loud over a mug of beer, or two, or three …

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Good Feeling, seven short stories

“Why is the sky so bright and sunny and blue and expansive? Am I in a different time zone? It could be that my studio changed location, took the train to a different city. You shut yourself in for days on end, turn off the telephone, shut the blinds, blind the shutters, you don’t know what can happen. Anything. There are no rules. I don’t care what anybody else says.” Frank Needles, the hero of these tales, isn’t sure if he’s completely mad, or if the world around him is completely mad. Frank isn’t sure about anything, except for that last thing, the one thing.

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Beer Songs for the Lonely

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Sometimes, I just wish I was a butterfly

This quote is from a poem in the first edition of “Beer Songs for the Lonely” called “A Butterfly farts, and nobody cares.” The first edition came out in 2006. Please buy this mug, and check out the rest of my merch. I’ve got some really cool t-shirts as well. Cheers!

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What People Are Saying...

The poet is equally adept with The Big Stuff and the mundane and his is a fresh, unexpected voice. Michelle N.

This is a strange/funny/inventive book of narrative poems that keeps the reader wondering where Pointeau is going to go next. The lines are sure and the characters are vivid. There’s a natural sense of rhythm and a love of language in this book. I definitely recommend it. Dale B.

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