3000 miles on the road mark!

3000 miles on the road mark!

Southern California is cold! I bought some thermal “arctic tolerant” wool socks yesterday after both my feet just about froze off and ran back to Central Texas on their own. That would have left me in one hell of a bind. This morning, I am eternally grateful for wool and all the sheep on this little blue planet that revolves around a tiny little yellow star keeping us all nice and toasty… most of the time. What’s up with this High Desert thing anyway? I’d like a Low Desert, please, with plenty of water, preferably an ocean, a couple of swimming pools, and a Piña colada. Thank you.


Driving up and down and around the mountain leaving Prescott, AZ the other day–after an amazing Thanksgiving with some great folks–I was driving my little happy jalopy at a banging 45 miles an hour once I reached some flat road–the curvy stuff I take at a slow easy 20 miles an hour–I noticed on the side of the road, a small wooden sign advertising a book sale, painted in big fat white letters on red. I didn’t react right away. I’m a bit slow. Eventually my mind and my eyes clicked. I slowed down, did a u-wee, backtracked, did another u-wee, and parked right along the side of the road, hiding the sign from all other drivers. Sorry, I didn’t notice till afterward.


The Yarmell Public Library has a little bookstore behind the library. I followed the signs. The door was unlocked. I walked into a tiny little room stacked with a bunch of books, a few DVDs and plenty of VHS cassette tapes. There were two women and two young girls. I assumed that one of the two adults was a salesperson. I said hello, and started investigating. The prices went from $1 to $2.50, and most everything available was in the “best-seller” category. The poetry section wasn’t very good, so I passed it, and started picking some stuff I don’t usually read.

I heard an interview with John Grisham about his latest book on The Diane Rehm Show. I really liked the way that he presented himself and the way that he spoke. I’ve never read his work, however recently I’ve been rather interested on how people make a living being writers, and this guy does a pretty good job earning his living spinning tales… so I bought two of his book, and picked out a few more from different authors, in the same vain…


I finished reading The Associate by John Grisham last night, and there will be a review coming soon. I enjoyed it, by the way.

At some point, one of the two adults was talking to me. I didn’t notice at first because the four were talking among themselves the whole time I was in there… however one of the two women was handing me a key on a string, and she was telling me to please lock up after I was done. Took me a bit to compute. Both these women were customers like me, and they were done. “I take the key back to the library, and pay for the books there?” I was slightly in shock. “That’s correct.” We all smiled at each other and they left me alone. When was the last time something like that happened to you? Small cute towns, there’s definitely something to be said about them.

By the time I was done, I had picked out 6 books and 1 DVD. Total: $7.00. Not bad.

Anyway, while in Prescott, I also bought a copy of The Country of Marriage, by Wendell Berry, and there’s a review of that collection of poetry coming soon as well.


In other news, the amazing Andrew Hilbert, author of Death Thing, and publisher-owner at Weekly Weird Monthly Press, hooked up yet another writer to open for me on Thursday 3rd of December at Gatsby Books in Long Beach starting at 5pm. Zachary Locklin will be joining Kevin Ridgeway and myself this Thursday! Zachary is the author of My Beard Supports Nothing ( Weekly Weird Monthly 2015), which I hope to read and review shortly as well.

Lots of books to read and or review. My next blog entry dedicated to Book Reviews should be a juicy one, and possibly some good ideas for the Christmas season? One never knows.

Finally, well, I’m starting to run out of money. Haven’t sold as many books as I wished I would. My podcast is taking its time coming out of my head, through my fingers and my mouth, to a podcast host and eventually to your iPhones and other devices… so excuse me. Such a large portion of my days is spent looking for a safe place to park my rig, and for a place to use the bathroom both without getting harassed or somehow molested by the good citizen’s brigade… that it is hard to find enough time in the day to do everything that needs done.


So please, if you haven’t already, BUY MY BOOKS, and then pretty pretty please, REVIEW THEM! Why is reviewing so important? Because that’s how Amazon decides to push books. You know, when you buy or look at a book, and Amazon tells you to check out such and such books as well? That’s based on reviews and how well books do within their categories. Good Feeling: Seven short stories has gone out to at least 200 folks, if not more, Beer Songs for the Lonely has gone out to over 500 folks through the years. Many of you read my blog and follow me on Facebook. My goal is at least 50 reviews per book. I know that’s possible. Thank you!


The other thing you can do is click on the DONATE button on the right column of this blog, and donate whatever amount you think is cool. There’s a book at the end of this trip. Maybe more than one. However I need to be able to stick it out. I’m applying for a part time gig in Northern California for December, and I’ve got a job offer back in Texas for late winter, early spring. I would love to last through the spring, and write an amazing new book for all of you. So think about that, as well as think how much you enjoy following me on Facebook and here on my blog. Thank you!

And if you cannot afford to donate or buy my books. That’s ok! What you can do, is share my posts with all your friends, review my books, and subscribe to my up and coming newsletter, also in the right column.

Peace & Love






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