A new adventure is upon me

A new adventure is upon me

So I’ve decided on a departure date. More or less. I will be leaving Austin, Texas, in October of this year. The exact date is not yet set. However, I have given my job notice, I have given the radio station notice, and I have given my housemates notice. This leaves very little room for a change. Sometimes, that’s just necessary.

Some of the things that I will be doing when I am on the road:

1) Writing more: I’ve got a novella that I want to work on. I’ve got a medieval French novel I want to translate. I want to find my poetry muse back (haven’t seen him nor talked to him in quite some time). There’s a screenplay I just started working on with a friend of mine. Oh, and I want to write on this blog: book reviews, wine & beer reviews, travel entries, portraits of people I meet while on the road, and whatever else pops into my mind. (My friend Frank Leng designed this website, isn’t it cool?)


2) Podcasting: Specifically, I want to interview storytellers & poets of all stripes in every city that I visit. I also want to interview winemakers & brewmaster. I haven’t decided if these two will be two different podcast series, or just two expressions of the same overall search for meaning & understanding. The current name for my podcast is: The Rollin’ Chateau (my friend Ryan Lough came up with the name. I like it!) I’ve had six years of practice interviewing all kinds of storytellers on Writing on the Air for KOOP Radio.

3) Make money from selling books: I want to stop in as many places as possible, and do readings in bookstores, music venues, in people’s private residences. I want to sell my books—I should have two by the time I head out, though the second one “From There Onward, and other stories” might not be out in time, but it will be out before the end of the year. I should have t-shirts, pint glasses and other things to sell as well as my books. My first book, Beer Songs for the Lonely, is available at Book People, Malvern Books, and on Amazon.

4) Live a little: It’s been so long since I’ve gone on a long adventure. One where there’s little turning back from. I’m giving up my lease, my job, and getting rid of most everything I own for this adventure. I want to be free to make whatever decision I want on the spot. If I decide to come back to ATX in two months, or six months, fine. If I decide to settle somewhere else for a few days, or for several months, fine. I don’t want anything forcing me to go anywhere. Obviously, I will need to make a certain amount of money—not much, mind you, but enough to eat, fill the gas tank, camp at a national park every once in a while, and pay my car & health insurances—see #3 & #2 & #1.

5) But mostly, I want to find enough peace of mind to be able to write for long stretches of time, for writing to BE my job.

This coming Tuesday, on the 14th, I am organizing Francois’s Bastille Day Celebration where I have invited several writers to read one of their stories at the Whip In in front of an audience. This reading will be recorded, and will be defacto my first Podcast entry. I will interview each writer very briefly before they read us their story.

You can find out more about the reading by visiting my Facebook Event. It’s open to the public, so anybody can “Join” and invite their friends to the event.

More next week. I’ve got several book reviews I need to be writing. Cheers!