Back in the grind

Back in the grind

Being back in Austin for under a month or something, it’s like I’ve been flying through some space conduit of interlocking labyrinth where there is no up, no down, no sideways, nothing that can orient you into at least having some sort of understanding of where you stand. Basically, I’m all over the place. Having to work for a living has definitely hurt my writing schedule.


The first couple of weeks I was back, I concentrated on a writing assignment for the Austin Chronicle. This was really exciting for me. It took all my writing energy, and though I also did a lot of work on my new collection of poems, this blog suffered. Writing is a lot of work, if you want it to be any good, if you want the words to make some kind of narrative sense.

And let say this, when I first arrived back, I wrote a list of everything that I needed and in what order I needed them—everything that requires money, which is mostly everything—like my truck tuned up, buying some newer clothes, especially shoes, and I haven’t done a single thing on my list. Turns out every dollar I’ve made so far has gone toward food and a roof over my head.

This is one of the main reasons I left! This constant conundrum of either having no money and being forced to beg and be a performance-entertainment monkey, but plenty of time on your hands; or having no time at all, and still barely enough money to survive, but a clean bed to sleep in and toilet to shit in.

I bought an RV with the idea that when I ran out of money, at least I would have a place to crash. That didn’t turn out to be all that simple. It gets cold. It gets hot. And unless that RV is plugged into some kind of electrical plug, then there’s no way to keep the inside cool or hot, there’s no way to keep that fridge running, so basically there’s a need for an electrical plug, and that means there’s then a need for either a friendly house belonging to a friendly friend who doesn’t mind you plugging into their home, or you’re at the RV park—which defeats the purpose of saving money, while having it’s own set of problems.

Or you can take on the elements and partake in boondocking—parking on the side of the road somewhere, or in a BLM park, or in the wilderness, without paying money or officially renting that spot. First thing is you got to know where to take a shit in the morning—may the gods of bowel movements be on your side if there’s a shit storm building inside your entrails, it’s wise to park at night knowing where the restroom is for the morning. And you still need electricity to recharge your phone, your computer, your whatever tablets… which means a generator, or spending lots of time in coffee shops and fast food restaurants.


The RV park, places supposedly designated for your transient ass… In California, they simply don’t want you around if you don’t own a newish RV, and or if you cannot prove income or show a fat bank account. In Austin, well there’s several months’ wait at every single RV park anywhere close to the city. So when your house is also your transportation, that’s a problem, because once you’re plugged in, it’s a whole process to get everything secure for traveling again, and not really all that practical.

Basically, what I’m saying, is that nothing is ever simple, it seems… EVER 🙂

So, I went back to the normal, or at least what is considered normal: I rented a room, a pied-á-terre. It’s going to run me $850 per month all bills included.  So, now I need to find a way to make more money than I’m used to, because I want to be able to pay for this room, and also be able to fart around the country, or out of the country, as the muse dictates, and most importantly, I need to be able to find time to write.


The good news is that everything is moving in the right direction, I just need to settle into my new routine. Here are the main things happening to me writing-wise:

1) I’ll be creating content & managing social media for the Whip In, where I also work as a bartender. Slowly, I will be moving away from tending bar, and will write web content for several businesses.
2) I want to write articles on Wikipedia for musical bands, artists, writers, and anybody else who can get a page there. I’ve got my first couple of clients lined up.
3) My first professional article is going to print this April. I am actively looking for new subjects to pitch articles. This first article is an author profile that will be printed by the Austin Chronicle in April.

4) My third book, a collection of poems, is getting published by Weekly Weird Monthly Press before the end of the year. I should be done with the first draft by the end of April, at which point I’ll start on my next book project, probably a novella.

Thank you for keeping up with me!

Peace & Love,



Thank you for visiting my online stores, as well as visiting the awesome bookstores who carry at least one of my books: Malvern Books & Book People. You are beautiful, and if you write a review for one or both of my current books, you are a saint. I, with the power invested in me by yours truly, declare you as a full member of the sainthood pantheon.




PS: My RV got towed this last Sunday. That picture with the tire tracks? That’s my friend Matt measuring the tracks where the towing asshole forced my truck on their rig in the middle of the night while I was asleep even though they had told me they wouldn’t tow it for another 10 hours. Cost me $193, lots of stress, and several hours. Matt helped my ass out, muchos gracias!


PSS: I’m selling my generator and cage. Contact me via FB or Text or Email if you’re interested. The cage itself is worth about $600–made of steel–and the generator is worth about $350. I’m selling both of them together for $600 OBO. Perfect for a food / coffee trailer.

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