This is my blog. I write about stuff here. Mostly stuff about where I'm at, what I'm thinking, and what books I'm reading. I also like to do readings, public or private. Hit me up if you want to talk about it. I'm open to any ideas.

Goodbye WOTA, Goodbye KOOP

Last night I attended my last PC (Programming Committee) meeting at 91.7 FM KOOP Radio. I’ve been part of the PC for the last two years, and part of the KOOP community since 2009.

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Freaking out starts now

You know when you set a deadline for yourself several months ahead it’s like, yeah, no problem, I’ll get there, there’s so much time, no problem buddy…and when all those weeks and days and hours and months are over with, and that you’ve reached this totally random date that you chose out of thin air as your End Date, and you’re like, FUCK!!!!

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The Rollin’ Chateau

It’s so exciting when we take important steps forward. This morning, I took one such step.

My road-trip has been foremost on my mind, as you might imagine. It took months to save enough money to buy my RV, then several more months to save enough to get it road-ready, and now I’m saving every penny so that I can sustain myself for four months without a job.

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A new adventure is upon me

So I’ve decided on a departure date. More or less. I will be leaving Austin, Texas, in October of this year. The exact date is not yet set. However, I have given my job notice, I have given the radio station notice, and I have given my housemates notice. This leaves very little room for a change. Sometimes, that’s just necessary.

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Getting some new boots

A while back, I had this crazy idea that I was going to buy a camper of some kind, and go live on the road for a few month. This dream is just about to become a reality, and I am so excited, and a little bit scared.

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Death Thing

“It was the last god damn time anyone was going to break into his car. Gilbert had had enough.”

Death Thing is irreverent, gruesome, dark, and funny.

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77 Dream Songs

I am reading 77 Dream Songs by John Berryman out loud to myself. I find it is the only way to hear the music of his poems. I tried reading them silently, but I couldn’t understand them—

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Welcome to my new blog

Hello everybody. Here is a new blog. In this blog I will write about the subjects that are dear to my heart, mainly: poetry, writing, food, wine, and traveling (once I get around to doing that again later this year).

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