Bullies will be bullies

Bullies will be bullies

Trump is a bully, and he’s a good bully, as in he’s really good at being a bully. Bullies don’t listen to argument, far from it. They don’t need a good argument or any kind of good reasoning. A bully bullies, that’s what they do. That’s how they get things done. They bully until they get their way. That technique works great in middle school and in high school, and soon falls to the way side and the bully becomes what he truly is, a dull-minded idiot.

However when the bully has always been protected by money, or at least the mirage of money, then he gets to get away with it through adulthood. People are awed by large amounts of money. They let themselves be bullied when there’s a juicy carrot at the end of the stick.

That he continues to get away with it decades into his life after having failed to deliver the carrot time and time again, is unbelievably crazy to me. That just goes to prove that a large majority of our electorate are a bunch of dull-minded idiots. The same gullible dullards who keep buying into quick-money-making schemes time and time again, losing their money every single time, and going for it time and time again.


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If you put your hand through those bars, that snake is gonna bite you. Really? Yup, I promise you. Okay, are you sure? Try it. Okay. Yup, that snake bit me, and it hurts. The following week. You think that snake is gonna bit me again, if I put my hand through those bars? I don’t know. Why don’t you try. Okay. Yup, he bit me again. Go figure. I’ll try again next week to see if anything changes.

Some people live their whole lives this way. All those people are going to vote for Trump, because he’s a bully who promises them that he’s rich beyond their dreams, and that he’s got a wonderful life, and that you can call his buddy to verify, you’ll see that everything he says is the truth and nothing but the truth, and would you like to buy some special cleaning supplies with those beautiful rugs from the Navajo Nation? If you buy those rugs, your life will be as beautiful as mine, I promise. No, no, no, they’re not made in North Korea, I know that’s what the little sticker says… just look at my face, aren’t I successful and rich, and my wife is beautiful, and wouldn’t you like to meet my beautiful daughter? Yes, buy my rugs, give me all your money, and life will be great again for you. I promise. Now buy my god damn rugs! What, you don’t believe me that they’re beautiful and that they will make your life so gorgeous you won’t know what to do with yourself, try it, I tell you that, and I’m promising you that I’m telling you what I’m telling you because that’s the plain simple truth. Thank you.

I don’t buy into the bully technique. I was bullied through middle school and high school. I hated those years, and now when somebody starts to yell at me or tell me under no uncertain terms that I have to do what they say, and they cannot produce a logical argument based in reasoning and facts, I smile and ignore them completely. The best defense against a bully is to ignore them, and we have done everything but ignore Trump. He could very well be our next president. And that, my friends, is our own god damn fault. Because, as a nation, we bought into his game, we bought into his bully techniques, we walked right into them.

Welcome to the Trump Nation where everything is for sale, where Trump and his friends can brag about not paying taxes while the rest of us can barely put food on the table, and where you’ll get prosecuted for disagreeing with him. Oh, and you get none of the profit, but you got to do all the work. Now let’s go build ourselves a wall, why don’t we.

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