Forward is the only direction

Forward is the only direction

The adventure never ceases. I went from traveling around the southwest to working on a small family farm to coming back to Austin Texas. I didn’t plan on any of it. Everything that I planned went down the drain and I ended up doing something else. I don’t know why I bother making plans, except that if it wasn’t for those plans I wouldn’t have headed in the direction that I did. Does that make sense? It’s not that I don’t follow through, it’s that something else comes up, or what was planned ends up not being feasible, or for whatever reason the journey takes me somewhere else. Making plans however, seems to be an instrumental part of the process.


I am writing a book. I am almost done with the first presentable manuscript. It isn’t the book I set out to write. It is a completely different book. I am fine with that. At least there is a book that will get published before the end of 2016 of which I will be the author. That is the only thing that matters.

Austin has been difficult. Finding an anchor, a place to call my own has never been this difficult. I first arrived in Central Texas in 1989, and ever since then I have left with the intent of never returning, and always end up back here. Every time I come back, it is more difficult to settle back down than the time before, though this could possibly be just a trick of my failing memory.

What is it about this city? Why does it seem that this place has become so much less welcoming to folks who don’t necessarily fit some kind of a societally acceptable mold? To be fair, if I moved back to Paris, France right now, I probably would have even less luck given my current circumstances. Though, to continue being fair, being homeless in Paris is not a crime, as it is often made to be here in Texas as well as in much of the rest of our country. I am lucky to have a small RV where I can sleep at night in relative safety. Not the case for folks begging for change on the corner.


I am extremely grateful that I have a job, that the Whip In took me back, that there is a place called Barton Springs where I can swim in incredibly wonderful water, and then take a hot shower for free or for three bucks depending at what time I wake up. My family and friends and coworkers have been wonderful and amazing in their generosity. Especially my friends Brian, Tracie, and their son Luke. And my parents who have been taking care of Brutus for over a month.So there is that.

Good news: There should be a place I can call home by the end of April. Keep your fingers crossed. Don’t want to talk about it for right now.

Slowly I am attempting to become a freelance writer. Writing is one of those things where you usually get better with age. If I can find the work, I can do it from anywhere around the world. Maybe, like Robert Graves I will end up in a place like Majorca and have enough money to eat, drink, and travel a little bit. He was a much better writer than I’ll ever be, and definitely more learned and more intelligent, so that’s doubtful. What matters is not that I make the Robert Graves formula work, but that I make the François Pointeau formula work. Whatever that might be.


Finding work is a real bitch. Finding work as a freelance writer is like scratching your butt hole in Austin, Texas hopping you’ll releave an itch in California. For starters, the Whip In has hired me as their blog writer, and one of their social media guy. This is a great step forward for me. Once again, this little Indian pub in South Austin has created some magic in my life.

Another first, my first professional article is going to print this Thursday in the Austin Chronicle. You can read the article by CLICKING HERE. It’s an author profile that I wrote about my friend Andrew Hilbert.


I am working on several more pitches for potential magazine and newspaper articles. It’s all good. All of it. Even the shitty parts.

Also, in the news: My friends who host KOOP’s show Writing on the Air—a show I was a part of for six years, and the head producer / host the last two—invited me to come on to talk about my trip and my upcoming collection of poems, Sailing Through the Storm: Songs of the Rollin’ Chateau. You can listen to the interview by clicking on Writing on the Air and then finding the “listen to the interview” link at the top of the page. I take part in the intro, then they go into a prerecorded interview, and then I’m back around the bottom of the hour. Good fun show. Thank you Lisa, Martha, Joe, and Erin!

My new collection of poems: Sailing Through the Storm: Songs of the Rollin’ Chateau will be published by Weekly Weird Monthly by the end of 2016. No dates written in stone just yet. The publisher and myself are putting together a crazy marketing campaign to spread the word. My long-time editor who helped me with my two previous books, Nick Courtright is back on board, and you should be hearing more sooner than later.

So there you go. Good cheers to you!

Peace & Love

François Pointeau


If you’re in Austin, thank you for buying my books from the awesome bookstores who carry at least one of them: Malvern Books & Book People. Buying my books is a great way to keep my beer supply up. Oh, and once you read them, REVIEW them. That helps tremendously. When you review one of my books, let me know, and I’ll send one of your friends a free e-copy of either one.






  1. Thanks! As soon as the article is up which should be this coming Thursday!! So exciting 🙂 Thank you for all your help.

  2. Put up the link to your Chronicle article PRONTO! So happy for you & can’t WAIT to read it!!!!

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