Freaking out starts now

Freaking out starts now

You know when you set a deadline for yourself several months ahead it’s like, yeah, no problem, I’ll get there, there’s so much time, no problem buddy…and when all those weeks and days and hours and months are over with, and that you’ve reached this totally random date that you chose out of thin air as your End Date, and you’re like, FUCK!!!!

Well…I’m less than two month away form my START Date: Ready or not, I’ll be on my way. There’s no turning back now, yet I’m starting to feel like there’s no way in hell I’ll be ready. Sure, everything is moving forward. The wheels have been set in motion, and they are turning and there’s no stopping them now…yet, yet…the anxiety dreams: sleeping in bed dreaming about sleeping in bed thinking you’re awake not realizing that you’re actually asleep, when a huge figure starts to stare you down from the back of your bed, and you’re like, what the fuck! Who are you, what are you doing in my bedroom, and why the hell are you being so scary and creepy and scaring the shit out of me…and then you realize that you’re actually asleep dreaming that you’re awake in your bed in your bedroom, and the large dark figure hovering over you ain’t real but simply a figment of your own imagination…



Ok, so I might not be ready emotionally, and definitely not financially, but fuck it all, I’m leaving in October because that’s what I’m doing.

Good Feeling, Seven Short Stories: It’s back in the editor’s hands–Nick Courtright, a really talented poet, check out his book: Let There Be Light. The final stories have been chosen, rewritten a millions times each, nit picked at days in and days out for almost a whole year now. I worked for several months with Carolyn Cohagan as my writing coach, and I’m really grateful for all the time she put in my stories. My friend Brian Wootan is working on the cover. The interior designer is ready for the final ms to do her magic. It certainly feels like I should have a book by the end of September, and I’ll be able to present it to the public at my Good Bye Austin Party on September 29th. I’m not holding my breath, however everything is going in the right direction.

The Rollin’ Chateau, a podcast: I’m already starting to book people. I don’t even own the freaking equipment yet, and people are already excited about this. The Poet Laureate of Texas 2016, Laurie Ann Guerrero, said she would be my guest when I roll through San Antonio in October. My friend Michael Mueller has several people in Houston that he thinks I should interview, even though I wasn’t planning on driving through Houston for this first leg of the trip, I might just have to. There’s so much to do here, however once again, I’m pretty confident that I can get all of it done for the October launch.


The home front: I’ve emptied my storage unit, and now I just need to go through all my books and decide what needs to be given away, what needs to be stored in my parents’ garage, and what’s going with me on the trip. It’s all really difficult, and I made a big realization this week, so called Storage Units where you rent a place to keep stuff for weeks and months and years aren’t storage units at all, they are actually Procrastination Units. You pay somebody to hold your stuff so that you don’t have to deal with it until later. I should have dealt with this last year. And there you go.

The RV: so far so good. Nothing going on there. My friend MJ Smith, owner of Coffee Cloud, is selling me her generator and cage to lock down in the back of the RV for a very good price. All I really need now is to learn how to operate the Black Water / Fresh Water tanks, and how to live in an RV. I’m guessing I will have to learn this on the go. Next big purchase here is a bike and some kind of bike rack to transport the bike.

Finance: That’s still a tough one. Been reading various blogs. This one couple rode for a whole year in a small RV, and their budget was $75/ day. There’s no way I can do that at this point in time. I’ll be lucky if I set off with $3000 in my pocket, and I’d like to be on the road for at least six months. So the money front is still an issue. I might have to find small one-to-three week jobs along the way, or learn some other way of bringing in cash. Though there’s a couple of pots on the fire that I cannot mention just yet.