Getting some new boots

Getting some new boots

A while back, I had this crazy idea that I was going to buy a camper of some kind, and go live on the road for a few month. This dream is just about to become a reality, and I am so excited, and a little bit scared.

I won’t have an income for a while, and I’ll be depending on selling my books, giving readings, selling schwag such as t-shits and pint glasses to make gas-food-camping money. This crazy dream started at some point after I quit my retail job.


I started as a stoker at 8 bucks an hour in September 2004, and when I quit I was a sales-guy making 50+ thousand a year. However I was very unhappy, and my soul was more or less being crushed, grinded to dust, and getting ready for the incinerator never to be heard from again. So I quit, and decided to become a real estate agent.

I learnt two very important lessons during that 1.5 year of doing real estate: 1) I don’t want to be a real estate agent; 2) It takes long hard thankless non-paid hours for several years to start and retain a successful new business (which is what becoming a realtor means). This lead me to a long internal dialogue that began with: If I were to become a successful real estate agent in five years—making a quarter of a million per year or something crazy—and that I ended up on my death bed, would I regret anything? And my answer was a big resounding YES.

I started putting two and two together. Why not work just as hard, spend the money that I’m currently spending on real estate education on something that I actually want to do, an activity that I actually want to give my life to? And it was easy after that. Being a writer, becoming a better writer, learning to make a living as a writer, and giving my life to an activity that if I did end up on my death bed I could say, “sure man, I might not be ready to go, but at least I gave it my best shot, and I’m proud of what I’ve done & what I’ve become.”


I gave up my license after selling my first property all by myself—to prove to myself that I could do it—and after being offered a very nice position in a successful real estate team—people wanted me!—which I turned down after some very difficult soul searching, I decided that I needed to be a full time writer.

After that, I put a plan together, stuck to it, and did whatever needed to be done to make it all happen. I’m almost there! I’ve almost arrived at the beginning of the next phase, and that’s exciting. What next? Well, I still need a few small things before heading out on the road: A generator, a bike, a bike rack, equipment to record a podcast, and some cash money to last me three or four months.

My rig is pretty much ready. I don’t know anything about changing the water, draining the grey and black water, cleaning out the insides, and all that good stuff. I’m going to start with short two to three day trips not too far from Austin to put me at ease.

That’s where I’m at!

Keep reading my blog for personal updates, and when I’m on the road, traveling entries, as well as book reviews, wine reviews, and whatever else pops into my head. Cheers!

PS: The first picture was taken this morning at Discount Tires while getting six brand new tires installed. That was my last big hurdled as far as getting my rig ready for the road. The rest is all about creature comforts: learning how to clean the toilet, getting a generator for AC & computer & phone…