GOOD FEELING, seven short stories

GOOD FEELING, seven short stories

The Kindle edition will be free from Thursday 17th till Monday 21th of this month! Get the e-version for FREE for my book launch release promotion special!

My new book, Good Feeling, seven short stories, is now out and ready for your purchase. This is exciting! The Kindle edition will be free from Thursday 17th till Monday 21th of this month.

The official release party takes place on Tuesday September 29th at The Whip In in south Austin from 7-9pm. I will read one or two pieces from the book, my friends The If Onlys will perform their incredible music, and my friend Andrew Hilbert, author of Death Thing will MC.

GOOD FEELING COVERBasically, this is going to be the biggest party in town. It’s at once my goodbye for now to Austin, my book release, and a fundraiser for my upcoming trip across the United States.

I want to thank my good friend Brian Wootan for designing the cover. He painted an original oil painting that he worked on non-stop for two weeks straight, staying up till 2am and longer several nights in a row so that we could make our deadline, and so that the book would be available at the release party. Brian goes into his work usually around 8am, and then picks up his son from school around 3:30, then does all the family business of making diner, doing homework, feeding the dogs…so staying up till 2am to work on the cover of my book is a big freaking deal. I stay up till 2am in the morning on a regular basis as well, but I usually don’t get out of bed before 12 or 1pm. He went beyond the call of duty. I would have been happy with a simple sketch, and he created an oil painting from scratch, with tons of layers, amazing contrast in the colors, and just a stunning piece of art work. I really don’t deserve friends like Brian. And yet, here we are, 20+ years after we met and were housemates in a tiny house on the railroad track in Hyde Park when the old airport was still in East Austin. Every ten minutes or so, a plane would fly just a few feet above the roof of the house. I worked as a janitor, and freelanced in the film industry, writing very bad poetry, and drinking too much. Somehow we’ve remained friends through all these years, and we’re still working together every chance we get. Brian stayed in that house for ten years, before him and Tracie bought a house in North Austin. You should check out Brian’s work at his website

Also in the news: The Austin Chronicle voted Writing on the Air onto the Best Of Austin 2015 list! Such an honor, and such a wonderful way to end my tenure at WOTA & KOOP. It’s a bitter sweet departure, of course. I am so happy to be going on the road, and really looking forward to new adventures, and yet I am sad to leave such a great organization as KOOP; and WOTA has meant more to me these last few years than just about any other endeavor I’ve been a part of.

The good news is that I’m leaving the show in very able hands: Erin Cornett, head engineer; Lisa Onland, co-host and engineer; Martha Louise Hunter, co-host; and Joe Brundidge, co-host. The WOTA team is going to rock it, and take the show to new heights. I know it. If I’m lucky, maybe I can come back on the show in a year or so to promote my next book; and hell, you might even hear from me every once in a while with updates of my road trip. Who know what’s ahead? What can happen? Endless possibilities are always up front and center.

Life is good. And I am blessed to know and work with so many cool and talented folks.

Things to remember:

GOOD FEELING, SEVEN SHORT STORIES is free as an e-book for five days starting on Thursday 17th of September.

The RELEASE / GOODBYE / FUNDRAISER party is on Tuesday September 29th from 7-9pm at the Whip In in South Austin.

What people are saying about the story collection so far:

“Rivers of molten madness run beneath François Pointeau’s brilliant and startling story collection. Mirrors filled with unrecognizable faces, nightmarish cityscapes, internal monologues that spiral into poetic hysteria, corpses, and cockroaches all enrich these strange tales. Dive into these beautifully disturbing stories and reemerge haunted and grateful.”

– Owen Egerton, author of Everyone Says That at the End of the World and How Best To Avoid Dying

“François Pointeau’s writing is refreshing in its darkness. Pointeau has a sharp eye for the absurdity of life and isn’t afraid to make you laugh at misery. That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?”

– Andrew Hilbert, author of Death Thing