Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

I am so thankful for these last few weeks I’ve had, and for everybody who has taken part of my little journey so far, and who will in the future. Thank you. Thank you for following my adventure. I appreciate you. Now buy my fucking books! (just kidding… maybe) At least, review them online!


Special thanks to my parents Françoise & Jack Pointeau, as well as my sister Isabelle Pointeau-Cate and my brother in law Charles Cate for seeing me off in safety, making sure that I had everything I needed. Thanks to my niece & nephew for being the cool adults they’ve become, Catherine Cate & Alexandre Cate. Great big thanks the my two sisters and their respective partners, Virginie Pointeau & Christine Pointeau, and Tanya Stickford & Karen Tailey for hosting me, and helping to make my trip the incredible trip it’s been so far.


Big thanks to all my friends back in Austin, Texas, and everywhere else. Thanks to the people who have agreed to sit with me these last few weeks to record interviews & conversations that will eventually become my podcast, The Rollin’ Chateau (coming soon). Big thanks to Frank Leng who designed this website and is constantly helping my ass out. Thanks to all the people who have invited me into their homes, fed me, helped me, and made my trip what it’s been. Thanks to Brian Wootan for designing my two books, my logo, and to him and Tracie Stone for being such good friends.

What would life be like without all of you? Not so good. You, all of you, make life worth living, and more importantly, fun to live.

On December 3rd–one week from today–I’m reading in Long Beach!

I’ll be in Long Beach, California to read from my books, Good Feeling: Seven short stories and Beer Songs for the Lonely at Gatsby Books. Great big thanks to Andrew Hilbert, author of Death Thing, for introducing me to Gatsby Books, and to Sean Richard Moor for agreeing to let me do the reading.


And Andrew got something else going, he invited the poet and writer Kevin Ridgeway to not only join us at the reading, but to open for me. How cool is that? Thanks Kevin, for agreeing to do this reading with me.

Kevin Ridgeway is from South Whittier, CA. He is a Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net nominee, and recent work of his can be found or is forthcoming in Chiron Review, BIG HAMMER, Nerve Cowboy, Cultural Weekly, Pen & Ink (UK), San Pedro River Review, Right Hand Pointing, Lummox, Dryland Literary Journal, American Mustard, Bank-Heavy and The Mas Tequila Review, among others. He is the author of six chapbooks of poetry, including two releases in 2105: Riding Off Into That Strange Technicolor Sunset: Dallas-FT. Worth Poems (The Weekly Weird Monthly) and Contents Under Pressure (Crisis Chronicles Press). He is also the founder, editor and publisher behind Dark Heart Press.


Riding Off Into That Strange Technicolor Sunset: Dallas-FT. Worth Poems (Weekly Weird Monthly 2015) is sold out, unfortunately. This is a chapbook about the author’s trip to the Dallas Fort Worth area, taking you on a ride with plenty of booze, some drugs, a few cigarettes, and lots of fun. Written in small narrative bursts of raw poetry. Ridgeway is interested in straight forward storytelling, and he offers us his tales unapologetically. Consume them in the same manner.

someone pounds on the door of the condominium
we are house sitting; I answer in a hastily gathered
bathrobe over my little toy pistols and fire red speedo
paired with matching cowboy boots, greeting the FedEx deliveryman
with a package full of cash to carry us into
the sunset of our Texas adventure

while I sign for it, my girlfriend calls out from the bedroom
dressed in a blue baby doll gingham negligee
with braids and drawn on freckles
moaning that she wants to ride me like a mechanical bull
in our session of make up sex enhanced
by costumes and snack size foreplay after a
fight we had the night before at Taco Diner;
I smile sheepishly at the delivery guy and tell him
that we’re from out of town.

(from Little Debbie Does Dallas)

Ridgeway, in a seemingly simple manner, tells us about the everyday, the mundane, the normal day to day life in the suburbs of America. He casually and bluntly paints us specific scenes in restaurants, bedrooms, and streets of what the narrator sees and experiences, as they drunkenly visit the large Texan metropolis. He’s just at ease describing a basket of fried pickles as a ride through downtown Dallas looking for some giraffes. It doesn’t have to makes sense. It makes sense in his world.

we are too afraid to turn around and spoil
the rugged stoicism of our championship faces
gloating at the tail end of a journey fueled
by pulled pork sandwiches searching
for the wild things in this concrete southwestern
jungle of bad directions delivered in the
twang slathered uncertainty of gas station
attendants’ voices while Hank Williams
praises the lord from a radio and sings that he
saw the light, but I bet he never saw a jet
black giraffe trying to burn the tip of its
nose while it raised itself toward the sun
to keep the needle against this rotating
earth with its layers of strange music
only the gods know how to dance to.

(from Giraffe Hunting in Downtown Dallas)

I’m really enjoying this poems. Perfect Thanksgiving reading while enjoying a Lagunitas IPA and getting ready to feast on lots and lots of food. I can’t wait to share the stage with Kevin Ridgeway at Gatsby Books in Long Beach, CA on December 3rd.


That’s it for today. Great big thanks to my Thanksgiving Hosts! Jennifer Erivez invited me to join her and her husband Raul Erivez at her parents house in Prescott, AZ for Turkey Day. Marie & Doug Meyers are wonderful hosts, and their house is just gorgeous. Makes me want to move here. Another beautiful American city.

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

Peace & Love


And you should be buying my books. I tell you, perfect Christmas presents for that favorite uncle. Does he like beer? He might just like my collection of poems–poetry for people who do not like poetry–otherwise called by myself as narrative populist poetry. That favorite aunt? Is she scared of cockroaches? She’ll love my collection of short stories. Bizarre, scary, and weirdo stories that will make your life better.



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