My thoughts this morning…a bit of a rant

My thoughts this morning…a bit of a rant

Curiously, while broke and on the road, both Walmart and McDonald become your very dear friends. Walmart allows you to park on their lot over night for free. McDonald almost always has clean toilets, cheap drinkable coffee with free refills, and free WiFi access.


Albuquerque is a sketchy town, and I like it. I could see myself living here. Everywhere I go, invariably I always look at the price of real estate, and Albuquerque has descent houses that even I could afford if I got a job. A young couple with descent blue collar jobs could afford to buy a home here and raise a family. The same couple in Austin, Texas would be lucky to rent a two bedroom apartment 45 minutes from town or live in some student slum with three roommates ten minutes from the airport.

I appreciate an affordable town. It’s a college town as well, so there’s plenty of bars and places to hang out. And, it is sketchy, which I’m afraid to admit that I kind of like. I like sleaze and dark bars, and gritty dinners. I don’t know where they’re at in this town, but I’m sure they exist somewhere; and no, I don’t mean the faux gritty, faux hole in the wall, dive-bar where the “dive” part is the theme of the bar that was designed by some yuppie uptown design firm, I mean the actual real place where real people with real blue collar jobs hang out as well as usually a couple of small time thieves, and a guy who’s been around so many blocks he now just sits at the bar stool 24/7.


Those kinds of places have almost completely disappeared from the American landscape, and I think that’s really too bad. In the USA, if it’s dirty or appears to be dirty, gritty with a raw aspect about life, and that death is in every corner, then it gets shut down, mowed down, and replaced with condos for very rich people. Condos that say: you will live forever; the young and the beautiful is what’s important; everybody else can just die, but please go do that somewhere where we won’t see you, definitely won’t smell you, and where we won’t have to pay for it…oh, and can you please be quiet as well? Thank you. It’s unfortunate.

Isn’t weird that we live in a country where the middle class is becoming inexistent rapidly, where the poor have almost no chance of getting out of their poverty, where the gap between the super rich and every body else is widening at incredible speeds; where every aspect of life is slowly being designed to keep you in your place through all means available…impossible to ever repay debt for example—what do you think student loans are for? You are told that you’ll never get a job unless you get an education, and then we’ll charge you up the ass for that education so that the mid-level job you’ll be able to get with that education will take you the next 20-40 years of your life to repay; and you aren’t allowed to default on that loan nor able to declare personal bankruptcy; try and prove to me that those aren’t societally designed shackles to keep the middle class in their place.


Institutions which should be free and accessible to everybody equally cost hundreds of thousands of dollars where only the super rich can afford to go, and the middle class will pay for the rest of their lives for the privilege, and the poor can just forget about it. Institutions which should be state run agencies are now private and making millions off the backs of the poor and poorer—think jails and prisons; police should be about protecting the community, not making a profit; jails should be about reeducation when possible, not making a profit; schools should be available to every individual who wants it, not just the elite…and talking about the elite, what are they so scared of that they are creating such an imbalanced society? Haven’t they read their history books? Don’t they realize that it will eventually bite them in the ass?


Look, non of us are created equal, and that is a good thing. That all of us are equal is just another lie you’ve been sold. However, every one of us should have equal rights, equal opportunities, and equal treatment under the law, which is definitely not the case in our country. Some of us in our society are considered a little better or lot more than equal, and some of us a little less or lot less than equal, depending on your status, what class you belong to, the color of your skin, your personal beliefs, who you are, and what language you speak in your family home. And I don’t like that.

These are my thoughts this morning.

Peace & Love.


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