Robert Sheckley has always been one of my favorites

Robert Sheckley has always been one of my favorites

This morning, after writing for a bit, I went back to bed, grabbing a collection of stories by an author I haven’t read in a while, Robert Sheckley. Wow, this guy is so much fun to read.

The book in particular that I grabbed off my shelf is Can You Feel Anything When I do This? And other stories. I opened the book at random, and read the short story Pas de Trois of the Chef and the Waiter and the Customer which recounts the same story three times, but seen from each of three character’s point of view.

What a wonderful story. Is it because I work in a restaurant, and have worked in plenty of restaurants over the years? Possibly, however it’s also a well crafted story on how we completely misinterpret what is going on in other people’s heads and lives all the time. How, even though we all live in the same universe, we often live in completely different realities.

That’s all I have to say this morning. Thanks. Have a great day.


Peace & Love

François Pointeau

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