Spring and All, by William Carlos Williams

Spring and All, by William Carlos Williams

  “When in the condition of imaginative suspense only will the writting have reality, as explained partially in what preceeds—Not to attempt, at that time, to set values on the word being used, according to presupposed measures, but to write down that which happens at that time—


  “To perfect the ability to record at the moment when the consciousness is enlarged by the sympathies and the unity of understanding which the imagination gives, to practice skill in recording the force moving, then to know it, in the largeness of its proportions—

  “It is the presence of a

  “This is not “ fit ” but a unification of experience

  “That is, the imagination is an actual force comparable to electricity or steam, it is not a plaything but a power that has been used from the first to raise the understanding of—it is, not necessary to resort to mystecisism—In fact it is this which has kept back the knowledge I seek—

  “This separates

  “Writing is not a searching about in the daily experience for apt similies and pretty thoughts and images. I have experienced that to my sorrow. It is not a conscious recording of the day’s experiences “ freshly and with the appearance of reality ” —This sort of thing is seriously to the development of any ability in a man, it fastens him down, makes him a—It destroys, makes nature an accessory to the particular theory he is following, it blinds him to his world, —

  “The writer of imagination would find himself released from observing things for the purpose of writing them down later. He would be there to enjoy, to taste, to engage the free world, not a world which he carries like a bag of food, always fearful lest he drop something or someone get more than he,

  “A world detached from the necessity of recording it, sufficient to itself, removed from him (as it most certainly is) with which he has bitter and delicious relations and form which he is independant—moving at will from one thing to another—as he pleases, unbound—complete

  “and the unique proof of this is the work of the imagination not “ like ” anything but transfused with the same forces which transfuse the earth—at least one small part of them.”

Original spelling & punctuation—page 48-50, Spring and All, by William Carlos Williams


You’ll have to grab your copy of Spring and All from your shelf and read the rest for yourself. It’s my little bible when it comes to the imagination. I’ve been reading it a lot these last few weeks. What he says is mind-blowing and beautiful…and expresses what I so want to do myself when I create trough my writing but seem to always fail miserably at—by the way failure is not a negative thing unlike what is often said by many in place of so called authority, or at least people who claim to know what they are talking about…failure is good, through constant failure one eventually finds success, and then more failure, and then a little bit more success, and so on…


If you do not have this little book on your shelf, then you should…especially if creativity and the imagination are a big part of your daily life—which really, they should, why shouldn’t they? whatever it is that you do in life, for a living, as a hobby, and while you sleep at night, if you are not living your life through the imagination that comes forth from your head and your soul, then you are not living your life fully—and I am sorry if I am being judgmental I guess I am—and know that I believe all humanity to be blessed with powerful brain engines of imagination all ready to be transmutated into creative energy and spirit.

Seems to me that so much in the structure of modern life has been put in place to limit your imagination, and thus limit your creative output. By limiting your creative output, you are being controlled by the powers that be who can only truly control those without imagination, those without freedom of spirit and mind…how many times have you heard at your job: Don’t think, just do what I tell you to; or something similar? Big corporations are afraid of the imagination, because the imagination cannot be controlled…the imagination is the raw product from which individuals find their creative spirit.


You could possess all the knowledge in the human repertoire, however without an imagination that is left to itself, you would not be able to create new knowledge, to discover new laws of nature, to continue to understand the many aspects of the universe.

Peace & Love


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