The blog entry where I drop lots of names

The blog entry where I drop lots of names

The road is where I am meant to be. That’s where I am the happiest.

The biggest issue I faced while zigzagging through the Southwest and California was money. Sure, I sold a few books, however friends and family were the ones who kept me alive. They gave me money, food to eat, places to sleep and shower. Y’all are amazing! Thank you!

That’s not a sustainable as a lifestyle.

While in California, I tried to settle down, sending out lots of job applications. Nothing came of it. At some point while living on the farm, I had sold a few books, and some of my biggest supporters gifted me with some substantial gas money, I decided it was time to go home.


My old job took me back. Yeah! My first day back, I had ten bucks in my pocket as the entirety of my estate. I lived in my RV down the street, used the porta-potty in their parking lot in off hours, and took showers at Barton Springs. I spent tons of time looking for a place to live. I’ll spare y’all the details.

These last few months have been difficult. I’ve moved to brand new places without any money before. However, moving back to a city that I know as well as I know Austin, was strangely not just difficult, but in many ways painful.

So, fuck it!

My Daily Reminder: I am much better off today than I was six months ago.

Here’s a short list:


I moved into a tiny apartment where I lived ten years ago. It is located two blocks from the house where I turned 21. I’ve managed a liquor store just down the street, and have known some of these businesses for years. The building where Hopfields is, used to be Half Price Books, and I still refer to it as the building where HPB used to be. People look at me like, get over it. Many have no clue what I’m talking about. When I was a kid, I practically lived at HPB, spending hours going through stacks of old books. In my mind, the building is still grey, though it is now green.

I bought a car. Not only that, it’s a fucking red BMW! It’s so much fun to drive. I think my next car will be a Porsche. Before you start judging me, I only paid $4800 for it. I want to drive to Chicago soon. My sister and her wife are throwing a big party in Santa Fe for their 20th anniversary in October, and I want to go in my red car, which I’ve appropriately named: Cherry Bomb!


I’ve been invited to do radio several times since I’ve been back. Talking on a mic to potentially millions of people (lol) while sitting in a dark room with really large headphones on, is one of my favorite activities.

The Wine Guru of Texas, Mark Rashap, asked me to interview him on his very own show: Another Bottle Down May 2016 on 91.7FM KOOP. It was a good hour.

Martha Louis Hunter, Lisa Onland, Erin Cornett, and Joe Brundidge, who keep Writing On The Air going strong, invited me to talk about my travels and my upcoming book, Songs of the Rollin’ Chateau. It was strange not leading the conversation. And exhilarating.

Funny man extraordinaire and damn good writer, Owen Egerton invited me to be part of a panel on the Beat Poets in front of a live Audience for Views and Brews at the Cactus Cafe, June 2016. Good shit!

My new book, Songs of the Rollin’ Chateau should be ready for you in December. We’ve got a couple more rounds of edits to go, then it’s all design and marketing.


It started out last year as a chap-book when publisher Andrew Hilbert asked me to write it. It turned out to be a full length collection of poems, and Andrew decided to drop it from his list of titles. I was upset for a second, however it wouldn’t exist today if it hadn’t been for him, so I’m okay with it.

The artist Brian Wootan has once again joined me on my literary adventure. He is designing the book cover, and currently making some incredible artwork to go inside the book. Editor-Publisher Nick Courtright has decided to work with me again. I can’t wait to share this new book with you.

My first professional article was published in the Austin Chronicle earlier this year. Not only that, it was the fucking cover of the paper! More articles to come soon.


I’ve been invited speak at Book People. #1, book publicist Dennis Welch, who represents the author Babette Hughes asked me to interview her in front of a live audience. She is such an awesome lady. #2, Wendy Walker, owner and publisher at Awst Press, invited me to lead a Q&A with author David Olympio about his book This is not a Confession. What fun!

Andrew Hilbert and Cheryl Couture agreed to play with me, and together we created a cool literary event called TL;DR. We’re currently playing every third Tuesday of the month at the Whip In. We do table-reads with various authors, make a lot of fart noises, and sometimes take our clothes off. Raw fun.


The owner and the store manager of my favorite bookstore, Joe Bratcher III and Becky Garcia of Malvern Books, have asked me to lead a monthly poetry reading every fourth Tuesday of the month, Malvern’s Multi-Verse. My first show is coming up on Tuesday 23rd where I get to interview two poets in front of a live audience—are you starting to see a recurring theme?

These are only a few of the reasons why life is good for me.



BUY MY BOOKS!!!! And then REVIEW THEM. Thank you. You rock. Reviews don’t have to be complicated. Two or three sentences will do. Just be honest and tell me what you think. Thank You.

And I’m selling The Rollin’ Chateau, PM if you’re interested:





  1. Thank you Sue for reading my posts and commenting! I always try to look at the positives, though some days it’s harder than others.

  2. What a great piece to read, Francois! I thought it was going to be all bummed-out giving up, so it was a bonanza to read this string of positive goings-on. And the difference is your attitude! You’ve been to the pits, survived that, and now you know you just have to put that smile on your face and DO stuff! Bravo! Can’t wait to see what-all will happen.

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