The Rollin’ Chateau

The Rollin’ Chateau

It’s so exciting when we take important steps forward. This morning, I took one such step.

My road-trip has been foremost on my mind, as you might imagine. It took months to save enough money to buy my RV, then several more months to save enough to get it road-ready, and now I’m saving every penny so that I can sustain myself for four months without a job.

This road-trip could be my way of experiencing a mid-life crisis, sure. In any case, it’s going to be life changing, and it’s going to be an adventure.


One of the hurdles I’ve been trying to take on is my podcast. Why a podcast? And who cares?

The other questions are: Who do I want to interview? What kind of show will have a broad appeal, and yet not be too broad? Do I want to continue interviewing storytellers, poets, novelists, and journalists? Wouldn’t it be fun to also interview winemakers, brewers, and chefs? And other folks? But how do I bring all these life-stories together so that they make sense? And shouldn’t I stick to what I know how to do? You know, writers and storytellers? Basically, what’s my theme?

For the last six years, I’ve been part of a talk radio show on 91.7 FM for KOOP radio called Writing on the Air, where I have weekly conversations with all kinds of storytellers and poets about their creative process, and the books they write. I started out as an apprentice in 2009, and in January 2013 became the main host and producer. It’s been an amazing ride!

One of the results of these six years of radio is that I fell in love with radio, and I fell in love with the art of interviewing folks, and getting to learn more about them, and through them, getting to learn more about myself. It’s a wonderful process, and more than anything else, it’s loads of fun. And I don’t want to stop.

So these last few weeks, I’ve been struggling with these questions.

Last night, I was a the Whip In listening to my friend Marc the Madman play his music on stage, when my friend Tyler Owen sits down next to me, and asks me what I’m doing. I start telling him about my podcast—which I’ve told him about a dozen times already—and this time however I think I finally figured it out. (I was brainstorming with Tyler & Ryan Lough at their office a couple months ago when Ryan came up with the podcast’s name: The Rollin’ Chateau.)

I went home, slept on it, and this morning wrote the following down:

Welcome to my show, The Rollin’ Chateau. I am your host, François Pointeau. I will be taking you around the country to talk with creative folks of all stripes to see what makes them tic. Being a writer myself, I tend to be a bit biased towards storytellers, so expect plenty of writing talk, however creativity isn’t limited to writing stories and poetry, there’s plenty of other creative folks out there who have life-stories to tell.

Through every passion followed, there is a creative life; for every life’s dream put to task, there is hard work, there is success and failure, there is beauty and heart aches; and those are the stories I am looking for. Please join me in my adventures around the country, where I will meet and talk with all kinds of creative types about who they are, why they are, and what the hell they are doing about it.

Tell me what you think. Does this sound like a show you would listen to?