Tropic of Kansas by Christopher Brown

Tropic of Kansas by Christopher Brown

Tropic of Kansas
480 pages
by Christopher Brown
Harper Voyager, July 11, 2017
ISBN-13: 978-0062563811

This is a crazy wild ride. You know when you get off most roller coasters, you’re like, this was fun but man I wish there’d been at least one more loop. I wish my stomach had jumped over my heart and into my mouth just one more time. Tropic of Kansas is that special dystopian alternative-present kind of book that keeps going and never slows down until it’s done. It’s that roller coaster with extra loops where you’re totally exhausted at the end, you’re hair’s a mess, and you need a drink badly, but man you had a blast. It’s Dystopian Porn.

Tropic of Kansas is a graphic description of what the USA could very well become. It’s a no holds bar criticism of politics in bed with corporations gone off the boat and into window-less concrete buildings where they torture you inside for no good reason other than they can. It’s a fast pace, no BS, in your face, revolution in the making… And it ain’t pretty, though there is a sliver of hope in the end.

I read this book sitting on my couch with my legs folded under, holding on for dear life. I live in a tiny efficiency with no sunlight in the afternoon–which is a good thing in Texas–and it often feels like I live in a cave. This book was a visceral take over of my world. It bore itself into my brain and screamed at me. I was hearing the choppers outside, wondering when the police was gonna come for me, and whether or not I should learn how to use a gun.

The staccato pacing, though difficult at first, started pounding a rhythm into my guts that echoed throughout my body to the point that I couldn’t put the book down. I had to know how many times Sig was gonna get caught and if he was gonna escape this time, whether or not Tania was going to make the hard decision or the easy one. And what is in New Orleans?

You can read dozens of other reviews to find out what Tropic of Kansas is about, so I wanted to tell you how it made me feel. The writing isn’t pretty, and it’s packed with action, written by a man who knows his politics. If you like dystopian style fiction, you’ll love this book.

Like I said, this is a fun crazy wild ride. I recommend it.


Peace & Love

François Pointeau

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