Welcome to my monthly newsletter: EXPANDED BLOG version

Welcome to my monthly newsletter: EXPANDED BLOG version

On the road since October 15th 2015, heading West… I ain’t the first to make the trip, and I’m certainly not the last, however I’m the only one at the helm of The Rollin’ Chateau.




I have driven close to 4000 miles so far. Woot! I have met lots of wonderful people, met up with some old friends, some family, and spent lots of time by myself reflecting on my life, my journey, and my goals. I write about all of it here on my blog. On my latest entry, I talk about several of the bookstores I’ve visited, review two books, and riff on a poem by Robert Bly; the entry before that, I talk briefly about how Henry Miller has touched my life… I try to publish a new entry every four to five days.


My role at this point in time is to travel around North America, write down my thoughts, review books, and meet folks… and share all of it with you. That’s my job. Y’all keep telling me how y’all are loving my adventure… thank you! Please tell me more, tell me about it, leave comments, write me an email, tell your friends. My job is to entertain you through my words. So help me help you. What do you want to read about?

The trick, of course, is how do I get paid for this job without begging? I certainly won’t turn down your gifts and donations–there has been quite a few so far, great big thanks to all of you–I wouldn’t have made it this far without you. I really appreciate you so much!! However I will try to abstain from begging… as some have kindly pointed out, I could pick up a paper cup and stake my claim to a street corner. Not just yet…


Here’s what I’m doing:

#1: My Web-store is finally up! Yeah! There’s some really cool tee-shirts and coffee mugs and stickers available. New products will be added to the store on a regular basis. I am working with a great small company in Austin, Texas. So please, fill up your baskets for Christmas!


#2: The Rollin’ Chateau Podcast is on its way, I promise! I have recorded five interviews. It started out a bit rocky for me, as I’ve been spoiled producing and hosting a talk show at 91.7FM KOOP with all that fancy equipment, AC, heat, and most of all, an engineer and a full team—Erin, Martha, Joe, Lisa… y’all rock, and I miss you. For six years, I’ve been interviewing people in a studio, and all the sudden, I’m interviewing people on the fly, which is also a ton of fun… just very different.


I’ve talked with some amazing folks so far, listed here in no particular order: Courtney White, founder of Quivira Coalition, writer, activist, and environmentalist; Liza Wolff-Francis, poet extraordinaire who just published a new book, Language of Crossing (2015, Swimming with Elephant Publications); Owen Lostetter, tattoo artist at Lost Cowboy Tattoo in Santa Fe; Jami Porter Lara, a sculptor and ceramicist with a strong message about living on our planet; and Bonnie Bluhm, a singer songwriter who was part of the San Francisco Beatnik movement and just came out with a new album.

Each and every one of them a pleasure to talk with. I was introduced to these wonderful folks through family and friends, which is how I plan on continuing this adventure.


#3: And the exciting news, is that I already have my first Sponsor! Frank Leng is my friend, and has been a huge backer of my crazy little project since the beginning. Most importantly, though, he offers top notch services. Frank designed my website, FrancoisPointeau.com. You can employ him to design your website as well as be your S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimization) expert.

SEOrenda: Get Found Online. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, band, author or have a dream that doesn’t even have a name yet, SEOrenda helps you get your message out there. It channels the power of the internet for you. You need these guys!

If you want to talk with Frank, I can put you in direct touch with him. No talking to secretaries when you go through me. Straight to the big dogs!


#4: My books. That’s what it’s all about. I have two books: Good Feeling: Seven short stories, and Beer Songs for the Lonely. Please buy them, review them online, and share them with your friends. My goal is to publish at least one book per year.

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Peace & Love




  1. Sue! Thank you for following me. I really appreciate it. I’m in San Rafael right now, just north of San Francisco, and I hope to go drive through the wine country in the next few days. Life is good! Thank you!!!

  2. Francois, thank you for sharing your great adventure with all of us. I’m sure I’m not the only one who wishes they could do this. Bravo!

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