Welcome to my new blog

Hello everybody. Here is a new blog. In this blog I will write about the subjects that are dear to my heart, mainly: poetry, writing, food, wine, and traveling (once I get around to doing that again later this year). So hold on tight—alright, just kidding, you don’t have to hold on that tight just yet. This is going to be more of a snow ball effect, one that starts off real-slow-like, one that gains momentum with thought and apprehension, one that barely looks like it’s moving, one where you might just catch yourself wondering: Is this snow ball melting instead of rolling? I will be writing reviews of books, movies, restaurants, and wines. I will also dole out my opinion on whatever subject I feel like going on about, whether this be related to writing, politics, or whatever. Basically, I am keeping this format open to all kinds of writing, mostly in the personal essay style. However, and I do want to make this clear, this blog will not be a personal journal blog.